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Beechley Riding Stables, Harthill Road, Allerton, Liverpool, L18 3HU

Tel. 0151 724 4490



Charity No. 1156129

Company No. 8668860


Beechley Stables RDA is a member group of the National Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving. National Charity Number: 244108.


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"Providing therapeutic riding to disabled people to promote their health and wellbeing"


Beechley Riding Stables is located in Allerton, South Liverpool, on the edge of Calderstones Park.  The use of the stables for the benefit of disabled children was the brainchild of a former park ranger, Bill Beeley.  Bill persuaded Liverpool City Council to open up the facility in 1989 and the Council continued to run it for this purpose until September 2014.  For more information on the history of the site click here.


Whilst the centre was run by the City Council, its work had for many years been supported by the fundraising efforts of a  group of volunteers and former staff members who set up a charity, The Friends of Beechley Stables, also known as  ‘FOBS’


In 2013 it became apparent that due to massive cuts which were to be made to the Council’s leisure budget, the future of Beechley Stables was at risk.  The Council approached the FOBS Trustees and proposed that they formally took over the running of services at Beechley Stables with help of members of the local community.  If the trustees were not prepared to do this then the centre would be shutdown.


It was agreed that the work of Beechley Stables was too valuable to allow it to shut and that every effort would have to be made to keep Beechley open.  Work therefore began on the legal process of setting up an Incorporated Charity to take over the running of the stables; Beechley Stables RDA was born and we formally took over in September 2014.  


Many of the faces have now changed but many more have stayed the same.  Something which has remained unchanged throughout the last 25 years is a loyalty to Bill Beeley’s ideal of making sure that Beechley Stables continues to provide fun and therapy for people with disabilities and we will strive to continue this long into the future.

Into the Future

Over the next three years the group not only wants to maintain the service but improve them by adding more activities to its current program including a vaulting group, more riding places on weekends and more hands on work with the horses for our service users. 'Vaulting' is a form of gymnastics on horseback and helps improve confience, flexibility, balance, suppleness and fitness.


Beechley Stables will also be moving sites within the next few years. The proposed site is Clarke Gardens (by Springwood Cemetry).


This is an exciting venture for the charity as it will be a purpose built site in which we will have a hand in designing.