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Beechley Riding Stables, Harthill Road, Allerton, Liverpool, L18 3HU

Tel. 0151 724 4490



Charity No. 1156129

Company No. 8668860


Beechley Stables RDA is a member group of the National Riding for the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving. National Charity Number: 244108.


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"Providing therapeutic riding to disabled people to promote their health and wellbeing"


Beechley Riding Stables, Harthill Road, Allerton, Liverpool, L18 3HU

Tel. 0151 724 4490




Beechley Riding Stables, Harthill Road, Allerton, Liverpool, L18 3HU

Tel. 0151 724 4490



Frequently Asked Questions (part 1)

What is so important about keeping Beechley Stables open – isn’t it just about pony rides?


Riding for the Disabled is about so much more than just riding a pony around in a circle.  


It offers physical therapy to people with disabilities which can make a massive difference to their mobility; it offers them a chance to be independent of their parents and carers and to build relationships with the staff, volunteers and the horses in a way which builds their self confidence and above all it offers them the chance to be a part of our family here at Beechley Stables.  


We have also offered voluntary opportunities and training to many young people and others in the local community who have benefited from gaining practical knowledge in stable management as well as experience of working as a part of a team.  


We are proud that many of our clients, volunteers and Directors have remained involved with us for many years.  


Beechley is the only Riding for the Disabled centre and one of a very small number of riding centres within the City of Liverpool.  It therefore performs a vital role in offering the opportunity to learn and develop skills in riding as well as stable management for both disabled and able bodied clients in an area where they may not otherwise have such an opportunity.


But don’t just take our word for it; check out the testimonials on our “What Beechley Means to Us” page for examples of the lives which have been touched by Beechley Stables over the years.


Isn’t the centre now run by the national Riding for the Disabled Association?  


No – Beechley Stables RDA is an affiliated member group of the national RDA charity; which is important as it means that we benefit from the advice and support of the national charity and our riders are eligible to compete in regional and national championships, but we are an independent group within this framework.


Well who is running it then?


The centre is run by Beechley Stables RDA which is an Incorporated Charity made up of the former trustees of the Friends of Beechley Stables group.  We are a group of former members of staff, riders and volunteers as well as members of the local community.


These people are the Directors of the Charity  and hold regular meetings to discuss the running of the centre and make plans for the future.  


Who is now funding the stables?


As a part of the agreement with Liverpool City Council for taking over the running of the centre, we were provided with a grant to help us with the running costs of the stables for the first two years.   We are hoping that we will eventually be able to build up the income of the stables so that it is entirely self-funding but in the meantime we are reliant on fundraising to keep the horses fed, the staff employed and the stables open.


What can I do to help?


We are always  in need of volunteers to help with the day to day running of the stables and our riding lessons.  This work is extremely rewarding providing the opportunity to work within our team  - both human and equine - and develop relationships with our staff, volunteers and clients as well as developing skills in horse care and stable management.  No previous experience with horses or people with disabilities are required and full training will be given.  We also need help behind the scenes with office work.  Please see our volunteering page for details of how to become a volunteer.


We are also in need of help with fundraising so whether you would like to join our fundraising committee to help organise our many forthcoming events or whether you would like to organise a one-off event such as a sponsored walk/swim for the benefit of Beechley Stables RDA, please look at our fundraising page for further details.  


We can also offer sponsorship opportunities for either individuals or companies such as by adopting one of our ponies – please click here for further details.


Because we are such a small local charity, every penny which you are able to help us raise has a direct and dramatic impact here in your local South Liverpool community.